A great place to look for second hand & clearance stock. We get a lot of quality second hand, ex.demo, ex.studio and new musical instruments and equipment coming through our doors so it is always worth having a quick look here as we will post such items in this section of the website.


Alesis CF1 Foot Pedal

Weight: g

Alesis CF1 Foot Pedal - Two foot switches and expression pedaL


The Alesis Combo Pedal Board in an all metal chassis features:

  •  Two foot switches
  •  One expression pedal
  •  Non-skid footpad and feet.

    The expression pedal allows real-time control of parameters like volume, wah, or distortion. The dual foot switches allow up/down scrolling through 80 pre-sets. The switches can also be pressed simultaneously to activate the guitar tuner, and held down to mute output.

    Compatible with amplifiers and keyboards from many other manufacturers.

Gotoh Chrome Guitar Machine Heads

Weight: g
Top quality Japanese tuners with 14:1 gear ratio. Supplied as 3-inline, 2 strips per side
Pair of 3 a side, open style, mission 1:14 with white oval buttons for steel strung guitars. Includes mounting screws.

Gotoh M120 Mandolin Machine Heads

Weight: g
Gotoh M120 Mandolin Machine Heads. Finest quality Japanese made machineheads / tuners for your mandolin.
Found on many higher quality mandolins. These back fitting, side facing mandolin machine heads have precision brass worm gears on engraved plates and white/cream plastic buttons. Complete with bushes and fitting screws..

Golden Gate Guitar Capo

Weight: g
Introducing the new Golden Gate® capo for steel string guitars

It’s crafted of genuine stainless steel and hand assembled and finished. With two long handles, it’s easy to manipulate, and the spring tension is just right to apply the perfect amount of pressure without throwing the instrument out of tune.

We have very limited stock so grab one today!

SHUBB Delux Capo

Weight: g

SHUBB Delux Capo It is the first choice ... often the only choice... of more than a million musicians worldwide. The serious guitarist will settle for no less.

When the Shubb Delux Capo was first introduced in 1980, capos were elevated to a whole new level. Now we've pushed the envelope again. How could a Shubb capo be improved?

Behringer BLE100 Effects pedal

Weight: g
Behringer Base Limiter Enhancer - Ultimate effects pedal.Ultimate Dynamics Effects Pedal


Designed for use with bass/keyboard, the Bass Limiter Enhancer BLE100 gives your playing that velvety finishing touch.

  • Powerful enhancer gives unbelievable presence and bass punch
  • Dedicated level, enhance, ratio and threshold controls
  • Runs on 9V battery or DC power supply
  • First-class on/off switch for noise free operation

Vintage®V300Series Acoustic Guitar

Weight: g
The sought after Vintage®V300Series Acoustic Guitar. Ex.Demo, excellent condition.

The bright and characterful award winning Vintage V300 was voted as the best acoustic guitar under £1000 by Guitar Magazine. There is no doubt about how impressed they were when they said 'This little concert acoustic is stonkingly good,' adding, 'A comfortable, fast playing neck, plus good dynamics and volume from the parlour-esque body. At this price, go buy. Every home should have one.

With its solid spruce top and eco-conscious nato wood neck, the Vintage V300 acoustic folk guitar represents an ideal introduction to playing full size acoustic guitars. Its straightforward no-frills performance and traditional looks have much to offer guitarists of all abilities.

Aria Pro II Bass Guitar - 1980's Authentic Pickups

Weight: g
Aria Pro II THOR Sounds Bass Guitar - Walnut with original cream pickups. This is an authentic Thor Sound base guitar from around the 1980's - sold as seen, fully working, secondhand.
  • Maple detachable neck
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Two MB-II pickups
  • Volume & Tone control
  • Pickup selector switch

Vintage Made in Japan Matsumoku Aria Pro II TSB 400 "Thor Sound" electric bass guitar


This gorgeous ARIA Pro II TSB-400 bass guitar was made in Japan at the historic Matsumoku factory from sometime in the 1980's, from the serial number it's probably a 1980 version. I'm not a bass player but I have tried it and it has an enormous range in tone and feels and sounds like a few thousand £££ of vintage Fender rather than a bass costing just a few hundred pounds!!

Other players seem to like this bass, here's what I gleened from the iternet "The Aria Pro II TSB-400 was the higher end of the Thor Sound models, this has two pickups which are massive split coils and this puts out a tremendous low end because of the p bass body design and rosewood fretboard, but you still can roll over the high end and get a lot of snap out of this bass". Sounds good to me.

The frets are in great shape and all of the electronics work and have been cleaned out. Cosmetically this is a great looking bass guitar, heavy but nonetheless, gorgeous to look at, hold and play. Of course there is some wear and tear and there's a small ding to the lower bout, just below the volume / tone controls on the edge.  I have shown this in the images supplied plus you can see how light the wear is across the instrument as a whole. While there are some dings and surface scratches it's absolutely nothing for a bass instrument that has been played and loved across 4 decades. 

So if you are a serious Japanese collector and want a very nice all original thumper here it is. If you have any questions at all please ask. Offers welcome but don't try to low-ball me, I'll leave it on the wall as a beautiful ornament rather then give it away!!