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Aria Pro II Bass Guitar - 1980's Authentic Pickups

Weight: g
Aria Pro II THOR Sounds Bass Guitar - Walnut with original cream pickups. This is an authentic Thor Sound base guitar from around the 1980's - sold as seen, fully working, secondhand.
  • Maple detachable neck
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Two MB-II pickups
  • Volume & Tone control
  • Pickup selector switch

Vintage Made in Japan Matsumoku Aria Pro II TSB 400 "Thor Sound" electric bass guitar


This gorgeous ARIA Pro II TSB-400 bass guitar was made in Japan at the historic Matsumoku factory from sometime in the 1980's, from the serial number it's probably a 1980 version. I'm not a bass player but I have tried it and it has an enormous range in tone and feels and sounds like a few thousand £££ of vintage Fender rather than a bass costing just a few hundred pounds!!

Other players seem to like this bass, here's what I gleened from the iternet "The Aria Pro II TSB-400 was the higher end of the Thor Sound models, this has two pickups which are massive split coils and this puts out a tremendous low end because of the p bass body design and rosewood fretboard, but you still can roll over the high end and get a lot of snap out of this bass". Sounds good to me.

The frets are in great shape and all of the electronics work and have been cleaned out. Cosmetically this is a great looking bass guitar, heavy but nonetheless, gorgeous to look at, hold and play. Of course there is some wear and tear and there's a small ding to the lower bout, just below the volume / tone controls on the edge.  I have shown this in the images supplied plus you can see how light the wear is across the instrument as a whole. While there are some dings and surface scratches it's absolutely nothing for a bass instrument that has been played and loved across 4 decades. 

So if you are a serious Japanese collector and want a very nice all original thumper here it is. If you have any questions at all please ask. Offers welcome but don't try to low-ball me, I'll leave it on the wall as a beautiful ornament rather then give it away!!


Artec Vintage Bass Pickup

Weight: g
Artec vintage bass pickup - Jazz Bass style
Artec vintage bass pickup - Available for neck or bridge position. These pickups are really great options for replacement parts, in fact, they tend to be a little overlooked. However, if you are in the market to get your bass back up and running and cash is tight, we really do recomment these pickups as a great option.

PB Style Bass Vintage style bridge (4-string)

Weight: g
Precision Bass style bridge assembly with 5 screw mounting
Vintage bass guitar bridge with 4-barrel saddles. Combined bridge tail piece assembly with spring loaded adjustment. 12mm raised back for strength. Designed as a replacement for vintage period bass guitars. Chrome plated.

GOTOH GEB203 4-String Bass Bridge

Weight: g
High quality replacement bridge for Precision style bass guitars. Available in several finish options.

Gotoh GEB203 B 4-String Bass Bridge in Black. High quality bass bridge made in Japan

  • Black Chrome plated brass saddles
  • Strings are top loading (not through body)
  • String pitch 19mm
  • Overall base plate 78mm x 48mm
  • 70mm centre to centre of the two outer mount holes at the rear
  • 57mm centre to centre of the front mount holes
  • Good upgrade for P. Bass, J. Bass and similar.


Schaller Bass Bridge 463 Chrome

Weight: g
Larger picture

Top quality, German made Schaller 4-String Roller Bass Bridge

Schaller Bass Bridge 463C - Low-friction roller saddles adjust for height, intonation and string spacing. Screws included Chrome version only - low stocks

This bridge features unique adjustable rollers that allow string pitch from 2-3/32" to 2-15/32" (53mm to 63mm), (17.5mm-21mm string pitch). Each saddle is also adjustable for string height, width and intonation.

Precision Bass Style Pickguard - Various Colours

Weight: g
Replacement - ideal for rebuilds and refurbishment
Precision Bass Style Pickguard - Various Colours - 3 ply laminated plastic scratch plate. Available in various colours (see colour table for colours available) - select from the drop down box.

Jazz Bass Scratchplate - Various Colours

Weight: g
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Replaces worn and damaged scratchplates on Jazz Bazz style bass guitars
Jazz Bass Scratchplate - Various Colours - 3 ply laminated plastic scratch plate. Available in 5 colours (see colour table for colours available) - select from the drop down box. These pickguards have 11 Pickguard Screw holes.

Bass Guitar Machine Heads (Sealed)

Weight: g
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Japanese made individual Machine Heads in diecast sealed unit. Available in 2 or 4 a-side. Precision bass recommended.
Individual Machine Heads in diecast sealed unit. Single screw and threaded ferrule attachment. Select chrome or black plated finish, 2 or 4 a-side. Set of 4.

Wilkinson Jazz Bass Guitar Machineheads

Weight: g

Wilkinson Jazz Bass Guitar Machineheads - Direct replacement forJ basses - 2-aside, ultra smooth action with full size base plates. Modern style tuning keys.