Q-PARTS CHROME MINI-DOME Knobs with Acrylic Tortoise Inlay

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These are just the nicest, most unique, custom knobs around. A beautiful selection of patented knobs, guaranteed to dress up any guitar. 

Q-PARTS Fancy Metal Guitar Knobs -

Q-PARTS Fancy Metal Guitar Knobs - MINI-DOME - Available in chrome finish with acrylic tortoises inlay. Pack of two knobs.


 An important note about finishes. Q Parts black knobs are available in chrome, gold and black chrome. This is a very elegant and expensive finish to apply, but... it is not opaque black like most painted or powdercoated knobs. Rather, it is a translucent finish and appears to be very dark charcoal. To see all avaliable colour options for inlays, please click on the more information link.