Graph Tech PS-8133-00 Saddles - Tele Delux

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Graph Tech PS-8133-00 Graphite Saddles for Vintage Telecaster
Set of 3 Graph Tech String Saver Saddles to fit vintage style Telecaster bridges with 2 strings per 'barrel' saddles. The saddles are made from their String Saver material which is impregnated with PTFE for permanent lubrication and so strings don't bind in their slots during bending or tremolo use, improving tuning stability and reducing string breakage. The saddles string slots are compensated, staggering the vibration point of the strings (so for example the b string starts vibrating further back than the high e string as normal for correct intonation).




See MORE DETAILS for a list of guitars these saddles will fit. Choose from TUSQ (Ivory coloured PQ-8102-00 ) or String Saver (Black Graphite PS-8102-00