Wilkinson WVOB 50's Broadcaster Style Bridge Pickup

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Wilkinson WVOB 50's Broadcaster Style Bridge Pickup
for Telecaster Guitars. Considering their high quality specifications and superb build quality, you would easily expect to pay 2 or 3 times the price from other pickup manufacturers for similar quality products, they really are that good!

Wilkinsons WVTN, WVTB & WVOB are probably the best value professional level pickups on the market today for 'TeleĀ® type' guitars. The WVOB features flush level Alnico Polepieces and custom Wilkinson windings, with solid brass base-plate construction. The WVOB bridge pickup gives that real dry, biting and vibrant 50's Rock n Roll, and Rockabilly tone.


  • Resistance: Bridge 7.8k (+/-10%)
  • Alnico V Polepiece Magnets
  • Fibre-board Bobbin
  • Plain Enamel Wire (waxed cloth covered)
  • Chrome Logo
  • String Coil Protection

The Wilkinson WVT Single Coil Pickup - Vintage 60's voiced is a great, low cost option if you are trying to obtain a classic vintage sound from your telecaster. This classic combination has been used for the last 40 years to create all styles of music from Country to Rock, Blues and even Jazz. Bridge pickup has raised polepieces for that extra bite. Available in Neck and Bridge positions