Graph Tech PT-1214-00 Trem-Nut - 4-String Fender Jazz BASS

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TREM-NUT works better than graphite, bone, plastic or synthetic nuts at keeping your guitar in tune and providing superior resonance and tone.

Graph Tech PT-1214-00 Trem-Nut Fender Jazz Bass 4 String - Suitable for many Fender Jazz bases and clones, Check dimensions carefully prior to ordering.




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Item Name:    Trem-Nut Fender Jazz 4 String
Item Code:     PT-1214-00

  • Fender 60's J-Bass Natural
  • Fender 60's J-Bass Reissue
  • Fender Jazz Bass Fretless
  • Fender Jazz Bass Plus MP
  • Fender Jazz Bass Plus RW